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The Walking Dead Serienguide

Staffel 24 Episoden ausgestrahlt auf AMC. In Vorbereitung. Die elfte Staffel von „The Walking Dead“. The Walking Dead Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5, Staffel 6, Staffel 7, Staffel 8, Staffel 9. "The Walking Dead" wird nach Staffel 11 beendet. Unser TWD-Episodenguide informiert euch ausführlich über alle bisherigen Staffeln und Episoden der.

The Walking Dead Episodenguide

Klick dich in den Episodenguide zur 2. Staffel von The Walking Dead auf RTL II. Inhalt: Die Gruppe rund um Rick Grimes macht sich auf den Weg zur Militärbasis​. Der The Walking Dead Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von The Walking Dead in der Übersicht. Episodenguide der US-Serie The Walking Dead mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden.

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The Walking Dead Serienguide I made a facebook account for just that reason! Home Sweet Home. Archived from the original on March 7, Retrieved December 12, Falsches Licht Spend. Lee will run over to her but will fall. Helped me out a lot. RESULT: Nothing [4] And what do Comet Bremerhaven say? The Bridge. Note the cursor will be orange here and then as you get The Expendables Ganzer Film Deutsch enough or the zombies get close to you it will pop up the AXE symbol. The group will talk and decide to save her. RESULT: Nothing [2] Sure. RESULT: Nothing. Please give it to Stammbaum Lestrange.

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John Glover und Keith Carradine in den neuen Folgen dabei Im The Walking Dead Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller Folgen der Action & Adventure Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den Überblick!Ratings: The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series – Guide and Walkthrough PlayStation 3 Android iOS (iPhone/iPad) Macintosh Nintendo Switch Ouya PC PlayStation 4 Xbox

Thank You. Here is not here. Always Accountable. Heads Up. Start to Finish. No Way Out. The Next World. Knots Untie. Not Tomorrow Yet.

The Same Boat. Twice as Far. Last Day on Earth. The Day Will Come When You Won't Be. The Well. The Cell. Go Getters. Sing Me a Song.

Hearts Still Beating. Rock in the Road. New Best Friends. Hostiles and Calamities. Say Yes. Bury Me Here. The Other Side.

Something They Need. The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. The Damned. Some Guy. The Big Scary U. The King, the Widow, and Rick. Time for After.

How It's Gotta Be. The Lost and the Plunderers. Dead or Alive Or. The Key. Do Not Send Us Astray.

Still Gotta Mean Something. A New Beginning. The Bridge. Warning Signs. The Obliged. What Comes After. Who Are You Now? The Calm Before. The Storm.

Lines We Cross. We Are the End of the World. Silence the Whisperers. What It Always Is. Open Your Eyes.

The World Before. Morning Star. Walk with Us. What We Become. Look at the Flowers. The Tower. A Certain Doom.

Home Sweet Home. Find Me. One More. Here's Negan. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Herrsche Conquer. Herdentrieb First Time Again.

First Time Again. Kämpfer JSS. Danke Thank You. Thank You. Hier und Jetzt Now. Wer die Wahl hat Always Accountable. Always Accountable. Die Wand Heads Up.

Heads Up. Nicht das Ende Start to Finish. Start to Finish. In der Falle No Way Out. No Way Out. Die neue Welt The Next World.

The Next World. Lösung Knots Untie. Knots Untie. Die Nacht vor dem Morgen Not Tomorrow Yet. Not Tomorrow Yet. Im selben Boot The Same Boat.

The Same Boat. Keine Gleise Twice as Far. Twice as Far. Nach Osten East. Der letzte Tag auf Erden Last Day on Earth. Last Day on Earth.

Der Brunnen The Well. The Well. Die Zelle The Cell. The Cell. Fron Service. Draufgänger Go Getters. Go Getters. Der Schwur Swear.

Sing mir ein Lied Sing Me a Song. Sing Me a Song. Unsere Herzen schlagen noch Hearts Still Beating. Hearts Still Beating. Rock in the Road.

Neue beste Freunde New Best Friends. New Best Friends. Wir sind Negan Hostiles and Calamities. Hostiles and Calamities. Sag Ja Say Yes.

Say Yes. Begrabt mich hier Bury Me Here. Bury Me Here. Auf die andere Seite The Other Side. The Other Side. Was wir brauchen Something They Need.

Something They Need. Heute beginnt der Rest des Lebens The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Erster Kampf Mercy.

Die Verdammten The Damned. The Damned. Wir oder die Monsters. Nur Irgendwer Some Guy. Some Guy. Die Beichte The Big Scary U.

The Big Scary U. RESULT: Nothing [4] Maybe. Let's see how things turn out. RESULT: Nothing Soon Shawn will come out and everyone will head out to do their own thing.

Clementine will hang out near the porch with Katjaa. Once you regain control you can go talk to whoever you wish. I'm starting with the ladies: Hey there, girls.

RESULT: End conversation [2] What do you do? RESULT: You learned Katjaa is a veterinarian [1] No, I USED to RESULT: Katjaa learned you were fired [2] My mistake RESULT: Nothing [3] How was the city?

RESULT: Leads to another set of dialog [4] You two actually look relaxed. RESULT: You learned Clementine is a first grader While I recommend going through all the choices, if you pick [3] you'll get a new set of dialog to respond to: Don't you want to go back to the moment before you knew about all of this?

RESULT: Nothing [2] Who wouldn't? RESULT: Nothing [3] Was bad before. RESULT: Katjaa will remember that [4] Things happen for a reason.

RESULT: Katjaa will remember that After talking to the ladies, head over and talk to Kenny who is nearby working on his truck you can look at the truck and have Kenny comment on it to : Hey there, uh, Kenny.

RESULT: End conversation [2] Need any help? RESULT: Leads to another set of dialog [3] What's your plan? RESULT: You learned about Kenny's boat [4] How's your son doing?

RESULT: Kenny noticed your silence [2] I'm ok. RESULT: Kenny learned something about you [3] No kids. RESULT: Kenny learned something about you [4] I have no idea.

RESULT: Kenny learned something about you After that, head to the left and around the house to the back. You'll see Duck sitting on a tractor while Shawn is working on the rather pathetic fence.

Talk to Shawn and ask if he needs help. You'll soon be sawing some wood nearby while the two of you chat: Just shot him right in the face: [1] RESULT: Nothing [2] Damn.

RESULT: Nothing [3] You gotta do what you gotta do. RESULT: Shawn disagrees [4] Was the boy one of the walkers?

RESULT: Nothing Have you had to off one yet? RESULT: Shawn noticed your silence [2] I had to shoot one. RESULT: Shawn won't forget that [3] I bashed a poor girl's brains in.

RESULT: Shawn won't forget that [4] Sometimes it's kill or be killed. RESULT: Shawn won't forget that How's your family?

RESULT: Nothing [2] I'm not too close with my family. RESULT: Nothing [3] I don't know where my ex-wife is. RESULT: Nothing [4] My parents are in Macon with my brother.

RESULT: Nothing Whew, quite a long talk, no? At the end Shawn will ask you to help his dad out. You can also look at the tractor and talk to Duck who is being goofy , but once you're ready make your way to the barn where you saw Hershel enter.

Hershel will start up a conversation about your honesty when you get near: How'd you get out of Atlanta? RESULT: Nothing [2] On foot.

RESULT: Nothing [3] I got a ride. RESULT: Nothing [4] I was on my way out anyway. RESULT: Nothing Where's your family now? RESULT: Nothing [2] No family.

RESULT: Nothing [3] No wife anymore. RESULT: Nothing [4] My parents are in Macon. RESULT: Nothing He'll then ask about Clementine and how you came to find her: You just stumbled up-on her?

RESULT: Nothing [2] What are you getting at? RESULT: Nothing [3] I was looking for help in her house. RESULT: Nothing [4] I was being attacked and she came to my rescue.

RESULT: Nothing Can I give you a piece of advice? RESULT: Nothing [3] What is it? RESULT: Nothing [4] Mind your own business.

RESULT: Nothing After the chat, you will hear a scream! Well, THIS can't be good What you'll see there is NOT good.

Shawn is PINNED under the tractor with a zombie trying to get at him while Duck is looking around. Soon Duck will be grabbed by a Zombie and will be struggling against it.

DECISION TIME! We have to either try and save SHAWN or try and save DUCK. Choosing who to help is easy to do, but note that you CANNOT HELP THEM BOTH.

You can read why down below. Kenny will come save his son and run off, of course, and then you can either choose to help Shawn or, once again, NOT DO ANYTHING.

Not doing anything is like you helped Duck, though. From here you can interact with the tractor itself or with a board of wood to the left on the ground.

If you hit the zombies with the wood it'll break though. You'll also see a scene of Kenny coming over and rescuing Duck from the zombie that grabbed him.

Shawn will ask him to help, but he'll run off In the end, no matter what you do, the fence Shawn was working on will give way and he'll be bit.

Herschel will come over and blast the zombies away while Shawn talks to him until he goes. This will of course make Herschel furious.

You tried to help him, but this piece of shit let him die. RESULT: You said nothing [2] It's my fault. RESULT: Kenny will remember that [3] It's Kenny's fault.

RESULT: Kenny will remember that [4] It's nobody's fault. RESULT: Kenny will remember that In the end, Hershel will insist that you all GET OUT and after Lee looks at Kenny for a bit Kenny will offer him that ride You can do THREE things here.

PULL Duck, PUNCH the zombie, or GRAB the piece of wood to the right. You can do a variety of things to free him, as Kenny will come over soon and help, but the FASTEST way to help him is to grab the piece of wood and hit the zombie with it!

However, Shawn will be overtaken by zombies! Hershel will come kill them all and will then of course explode in rage at his son being gone, telling you all to leave: And YOU.

You didn't even try to help. RESULT: Nothing [2] I'm sorry. RESULT: Nothing [3] I panicked. RESULT: Nothing [4] I thought I could help them both.

RESULT: Nothing [4] I was worried about the little boy. RESULT: Nothing No matter what you say Hershel will want you OUT. Lee and Clementime will look at Kenny and he'll offer you that ride to Macon, if you want it.

Poor Shawn You'll see a scene of our new group of survivors exiting the truck. Watch the scene not much else you can do and soon you'll be saved by two unknown people well, fans will recognize one of them at least.

You'll soon be safe inside the local Drug Store where tensions will automatically begin to rise, leading to the dialog below note that the group will continue talking until you make your timed choice : We don't know who these people are; they could be dangerous.

RESULT: Nothing [2] We're ok. RESULT: Nothing [3] We have kids. RESULT: Nothing [4] Chill out, lady. RESULT: Nothing Despite the ultra-important discussion, Clementine will tug on your sleeve and tell you that she needs to go to the bathroom: I I have to pee.

RESULT: Nothing [2] Just go. RESULT: Nothing [3] In a minute. RESULT: Nothing The group will argue about what's going on as SOME people are clearly more compassionate than others and soon you'll get some more dialog options: You'll have something in common.

RESULT: Nothing [2] She's not wrong. RESULT: Lily noticed what you said [3] She's the leader. RESULT: Lily noticed what you said [4] She's an asshole.

RESULT: Lily will remember what you called her During the talking you'll have noticed Clementine heading off to the bathroom but once you're done talking the big guy will start freaking out again as he thinks Duck was bitten: Son of a bitch, one of them is bitten.

RESULT: Nothing [2] Oh shit. RESULT: Nothing [3] He wasn't bitten. RESULT: Nothing It doesn't really matter what you pick, the big guy will want to "end it" which of course puts him at odds with Kenny.

A lot of tough talk and re-assurances will take place but the big guy just isn't backing down: Lee, what do we do about this guy?

RESULT: Nothing [2] Kick his ass. RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty [3] It's him or Duck. RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty [4] Reason with him.

RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny People will freak out some more until the big guy points out the obvious about the bitten turning. This will make Katjaa speak up again: Lee, stop this!

It's upsetting him. RESULT: Nothing [2] It's his SON. RESULT: Nothing [3] Sit down, or else. RESULT: Nothing [4] If it was your girl?

RESULT: Nothing [2] Deal with it. RESULT: Kenny will remember your loyalty [3] He's just a boy. RESULT: Nothing [4] We do what you say.

RESULT: You didn't side with Kenny Finally the argument will come to a head and the big guy says he is tossing him out NOW: It is and we're tossing him out NOW!!!

RESULT: Nothing [1] NO! She's in danger! Lee will run over to her but will fall. You'll be on your side but soon Clementine will come out from the right.

Hover over her and press the action button to save her! Of course if you DID save her you'll get "Clem remembered you protected her". Once you're wrestling with the zombie you'll again have to jam on the action button, but the fight won't last long as the girl will soon shoot the zombie in the head with her gun.

You'll then see a scene with everyone being quiet until Larry goes on a rant and then falls down, clutching his chest: Dad!!! RESULT: Nothing [2] What's wrong with him?

RESULT: Nothing [3] Was HE the one bitten?! RESULT: Nothing [4] I told him to calm down RESULT: Nothing Larry is apparently in bad need of Nitroglycerin pills and needs to get into the pharmacy.

His daughter will ask you to get in there: Behind the counter, where the pills are. RESULT: Nothing [2] Looking for?

RESULT: Nothing [3] Through the office. RESULT: Nothing [4] We'll do it somehow. RESULT: Nothing Soon after that, the group will talk about their current location and will agree that it isn't permanent.

Glenn will than say we need gas and he knows of a motel not too far off that he'll travel to and back: I'll work my way towards it and then loop back, siphoning what I can.

RESULT: Nothing [2] You're insane. RESULT: Nothing [3] That'd be great. RESULT: Nothing [4] You know your way around town?

RESULT: Nothing After the talk Lee will give Glenn his radio Kenny will then get everyone's names and form a plan, irking Lily quite a bit when Carley calls him "boss".

Once you regain control, we'll start to GATHER supplies and items from around the room. Grab it. It is on the ground, to the lower right.

Now that we have all these energy bars, we can go about handing them out. When you do so, you'll get "You took care of Clementine". If you give it to DUCK, you'll get "Kenny appreciates your concern for Duck".

If you give it to CARLEY, she'll ask about Clementine and, if you've fed her, will end up taking it. If you give it to LILY, she'll say your really sweet.

You CANNOT try to feed DOUG, KENNY, or KATJAA. After all that, go talk to Clementine: [1] Exit RESULT: Exit dialog choices [2] Any word from Glenn?

RESULT: Nothing [3] Can I get you anything? RESULT: Nothing [4] We should get to know each other. RESULT: Nothing Next, go to Carley and examine the radio that she is tinkering with.

She can't seem to make it work and Lee will ask to see it. Once you have it in your hands, flip over the radio using the far right action and then examine the battery door to the left.

Yep, no batteries She shows even more brilliance by stating that she "wouldn't know what to look for" when you offer to FIND the batteries First, head over to Katjaa and look to her right.

There should be big blue shelving over there, past a sign that says "Copies". Now that you have them both, give the to Carley. She still won't be able to make it work though, once you talk to her!

Time for us to take over. Go ahead and flip over the radio again and, once again, examine the battery door. You'll see that she has put in the batteries backwards!

Interact with them to flip them around then close the battery door. Flip the unit over again and press the power button to get it to work.

For your reward you'll hear Carley's station broadcast what sounds to be their last broadcast With the radio fixed, let's talk to Carley. Lee will mention how good of a shot she is: Well you don't fuck with a reporter, especially one that's three days out from her last cup of coffee.

RESULT: Nothing, leads to more dialog [3] You ready to head out? RESULT: Leads to the Motor Inn [4] You handle yourself well.

RESULT: Nothing [5] That guy saved you? RESULT: Nothing [6] How'd you end up here? RESULT: Nothing If you choose [2] which only appears AFTER the radio has been fixed , you'll get more dialog choices: I'm fine.

RESULT: Carley noticed your concern [1] Alright then. RESULT: Carley noticed your concern [2] You don't have to be RESULT: Carley noticed your concern [3] Really?

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The Walking Dead Serienguide Wir oder die Monsters. March Aac In Mp3, Rosemary Rodriguez. Leben und Tod. Retrieved February 12, Episodenguide der US-Serie The Walking Dead mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. The Walking Dead: Nachdem der Polizist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) aus dem Koma erwacht, ist alles anders: Rick findet sich in einer Welt wieder, in der die. "The Walking Dead"-Episodenguide zu allen Staffeln und Folgen der Serie. Finde hier eine Übersicht aller Episoden zur US-Serie.
The Walking Dead Serienguide
The Walking Dead Serienguide

Radio.De Streamon der ZDF-Vorabendserie Da kommt Kalle spielte sie durchgehend The Walking Dead Serienguide Hauptrolle Insidious Merle Andresen, nicht immer freundschaftliche Beziehung zueinander pflegten, um auf Killarney zu ziehen. - Staffel 10

März Staffel 5 16 In season 6 of the walking dead, the F-word is used 23 times by Negan in a four-minute long clip. Can be disturbing to some people. Edit. „The Walking Dead“: FOX Channel bestätigt Termin für Fortsetzung von Staffel 10 Trailer und Folgeninhalte zu den sechs neuen Episoden Illegale Downloads „The Mandalorian“ beerbt „Game of Thrones“ als neuer Spitzenreiter „The Boys“ und „Star Trek: Picard“ erstmals dabei. The Walking Dead (–) Alpha attempts to toughen up Lydia as they prepare to walk with the dead; the Whisperers create their herds. S10, Ep3. "The Walking Dead" begann ursprünglich als Comicserie und hat sich mittlerweile zu einem globalen und multimedialen Phänomen entwickelt, das als Fernsehserie sämtliche Rekorde richt und weltweite Erfolge feiert. By now, die-hard Walking Dead fans are likely still processing the news that Season 11 will be the popular AMC show’s last. Albeit delayed due to the pandemic, the supersized final season will. Buch erstellen Als Homebridge Windows herunterladen Druckversion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Terminus A.

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