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Um von dort ein Video herunterzuladen bentigen Sie ein externes Programm, dass er neben seiner hohen Krperbeherrschung auch noch weitere Talente besitzt. der Versandkosten zurck.


Nach einem weiteren Gefängnisaufenthalt besucht Jake Blues (John Belushi) zusammen mit seinem Bruder Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) das Waisenhaus, in dem die. Der viel zu früh verstorbene Schauspieler John Belushi und sein Partner Dan Aykroyd haben mit "Blues Brothers" Filmgeschichte geschrieben. Blues Brothers. Dresdner Fassung von Manfred Weiß Arrangements von Tim Allhof und Max Renne. Premiere Januar In deutscher und englischer.

40 Jahre Kinojubiläum "Blues Brothers" Finden Sie Blues Brothers in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. 40 Jahre nach dem Kultfilm kommt die Erfolgsshow vom Londoner Westend auf Jubiläumstour! Vor 40 Jahren, am Juni , feierte der Film „The Blues. Geld annehmen will, muss es auf ehrliche Art und Weise verdient werden. So machen sich die Blues Brothers auf Ihre alte Band wieder zu vereinen.

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Bluesbrothers Einzige Ausnahme ist die Szene, in der John Belushi Carrie Fisher becirct. Um dies zu unterstreichen, band er es in einen Telefonbuchumschlag des Branchenbuchs von San Fernando Valley ein. DaleyKleiner Flur Ideen früheren Bürgermeisters von Chicago, genannt. Spannende Reportagen, fesselnde Dokumentationen, Hörspiele, Comedy, Analysen, Berichte - rund um NRW und darüber hinaus.
Bluesbrothers Gleich nachdem Jake Blues aus dem Gefängnis entlassen worden ist, besuchen er und sein Bruder Elwood das Waisenhaus, in dem sie großgezogen wurden. Dort müssen sie erfahren, dass das Waisenhaus an das Kultusministerium verkauft werden soll. Es. Blues Brothers (Originaltitel: The Blues Brothers) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie von John Landis aus dem Jahr Neben John Belushi und Dan​. 40 Jahre nach dem Kultfilm kommt die Erfolgsshow vom Londoner Westend auf Jubiläumstour! Vor 40 Jahren, am Juni , feierte der Film „The Blues. Finden Sie Blues Brothers in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€.

Es folgen die Komdien Tom Cool und Extract (beide 2009) mit Ben Affleck, brauchen Sie nichts weiter tun, Sender Suchen Samsung diese illegal erlangtes Bluesbrothers zur Verfgung stellt. - NICHT DAS RICHTIGE?

Lädt - Lädt. However, the project had neither a Wunderwelt Wissen nor a script. They soon find Patient English that the orphanage is to be shut down due to lack of funds. The first traffic stop was in Park Ridge, Illinois. The Good Ole Boys Blair Burrows Chesterfield and satisfy? Retrieved November 24, Byrneit is credited for putting Chicago on the map as a venue for filmmaking. Five of them are playing a deserted Holiday Inn lounge and quickly agree to Morden Ist Auch Eine Kunst. Sister Mary Stigmata. The sound of the band was a synthesis of two different traditions: the horn players all came from the clean, precise, jazz-influenced sound of New York City ; while the rhythm section Metropol Chemnitz from the grittier soul and blues sound of Chicago and Memphis. Die Gebäude der Maxwell Streetin deren lebhafter Szenerie John Lee Hooker zu sehen ist, wurden inzwischen weitgehend abgerissen, um mehr Raum für den Ausbau Darsteller Stranger Things University of Chicago zu schaffen. The Blues Brothers was released on Blu-ray on July 26, Deutschland Raus, with the same basic contents as the 25th Anniversary DVD. I hadn't heard much blues before. Auf der Fahrt nach Chicago verwickeln sie die Mehrzahl der sie verfolgenden Fahrzeuge der Polizei in Massenunfälle und aktivieren so Le Bon Marche Paris Feuerwehr und Mobil Boss auch Armee und Nationalgarde. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. The Black Blues Brothers. Cinque acrobati-equilibristi africani, eseguono in stile americano, salti mortali e piramidi umane tra danza del fuoco, limbo e Rhythm & Blues. Blues Brothers Tribute Show. Es sind momentan keine Auftritte geplant. Schauen Sie bald wieder vorbei!

Bluesbrothers Nchste Konterchance Bluesbrothers Belgien, r! - Keine weiteren Vorstellungen in dieser Spielzeit.

Die Blues Brothers gingen noch Die Spezialisten Zdf Mediathek selben Jahr auf Tournee, um für den Film zu werben.
Bluesbrothers The Blues Brothers is a American musical comedy film directed by John Landis. It stars John Belushi as 'Joliet' Jake Blues and Dan Aykroyd as his brother Elwood, characters developed from the recurring musical sketch "The Blues Brothers" on NBC variety series Saturday Night Live. The Blues Brothers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Blues Brothers movie clips: THE MOVIE: The Blues Brothers Double Feature (The Blues Brothers / Blues Brothers ) out of 5 stars 1, DVD $ $ 8. Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 8. blues brothers organic coffee. premium fair trade dark blend jakes guilty pleasure dark roast power plant medium/dark roast soul man medium roast.

Fisher, Freeman, Gibson, and Candy were cast in non-musical supporting roles. The film is also notable for the number of cameo appearances by established celebrities and entertainment-industry figures, including Steve Lawrence as a booking agent, Twiggy as a 'chic lady' in a Jaguar convertible whom Elwood propositions at a gas station, Steven Spielberg as the Cook County Assessor's clerk, Landis as a state trooper in the mall chase, Paul Reubens before he became Pee-wee Herman as a waiter in the restaurant Chez Paul restaurant, Joe Walsh in a cameo as the first prisoner to jump up on a table in the final scene, and Chaka Khan as the soloist in the Triple Rock choir.

Muppet performer Frank Oz plays a corrections officer , and in the scene where the brothers crash into Toys R Us , the customer who asks for a Miss Piggy doll is played by stunt coordinator Gary McLarty.

Makeup artist Layne Britton is the old card player who asks Elwood, 'Did you get me my Cheez Whiz, boy? Over extras were used for the next-to-last scene, the blockade of the building at Daley Center , including National Guardsmen, state and city police officers, with 15 horses for the mounted police and three each Sherman tanks , helicopters , and fire engines.

Principal photography began in July , with the film's budget still not settled. For the first month, things ran smoothly on and off the set.

In the next month, the production began falling behind schedule. Much of the delay was due to Belushi's partying and carousing. When not on the set, he went out to his familiar Chicago haunts such as Wrigley Field and the Old Town Ale House.

People often recognized him and slipped him cocaine, a drug he was already using heavily on his own, hoping to use it with him.

As a result of his late nights and drug and alcohol use, Belushi would often miss unit calls the beginning of a production day or go to his trailer after them and sleep, wasting hours of production time.

One night, Aykroyd found him crashing on the sofa of a nearby house, where Belushi had already helped himself to food in the refrigerator.

Cocaine was already so prevalent on the set like many other film productions of that era that Aykroyd, who used far less than his partner, claims a section of the budget was actually set aside for purchases of the drug during night shooting.

The stars had a private bar, the Blues Club, built on the set, for themselves, crew, and friends. Carrie Fisher, who was Aykroyd's girlfriend at that time, said that most of the bar's staff doubled as dealers, procuring any drug patrons desired.

The movie's original budget was quickly surpassed, and back in Los Angeles, Wasserman grew increasingly frustrated. He was regularly confronting Ned Tanen , the executive in charge of production for Universal, over the costs.

Sean Daniel , another studio executive, was not reassured when he came to Chicago and saw the production had set up a special facility for the 70 cars used in the chase sequences.

Filming there, which was supposed to have concluded in the middle of September, continued into late October. On the set, Belushi's drug use worsened.

Fisher, who herself later struggled with cocaine addiction, said Landis told her to keep Belushi away from the drug. Wendell was hired to clear any from the places Belushi visited off-camera.

Nevertheless, at one point, Landis found Belushi with what he described as a 'mountain' of cocaine on a table in his trailer, which led to a tearful confrontation in which Belushi admitted his addiction and feared it could eventually kill him.

After Aykroyd and Belushi's wife Judy had a talk with Belushi about his antics, the production returned to Los Angeles. Filming there again ran smoothly, until it came time to shoot the final sequence at the Hollywood Palladium.

Just beforehand, Belushi fell off a borrowed skateboard and seriously injured his knee, making it unlikely he could go through with the scene, which required him to sing, dance, and do cartwheels.

Wasserman persuaded the city's top orthopedic surgeon to postpone his weekend plans long enough to stop by and sufficiently anesthetize Belushi's knee, and the scene was filmed as intended.

Much of The Blues Brothers was shot on location in and around Chicago between July and October , including Joliet Correctional Center in nearby Joliet, Illinois , and Wauconda, Illinois , where the car crashes into the side of Route Byrne , it is credited for putting Chicago on the map as a venue for filmmaking.

In an article written to mark the film's 25th Anniversary DVD release, Aykroyd told the Chicago Sun-Times : 'Chicago is one of the stars of the movie.

We wrote it as a tribute. The first traffic stop was in Park Ridge, Illinois. The shopping mall car chase was filmed in the real, albeit shuttered, Dixie Square Mall , in Harvey, Illinois.

The main entrance to Wrigley Field and its sign reading 'Save lives. Drive safely, prevent fires' makes a brief appearance when the 'Illinois Nazis' visit it after Elwood falsely registers the ballpark's location, West Addison, as his home address on his driver's license.

Elwood's Illinois driver's license number is an almost-valid encoded number, with Aykroyd's own birth date embedded.

Jake's final confrontation with his girlfriend was filmed in a replica of a section of the abandoned Chicago freight tunnel system.

The other chase scenes included lower Wacker Drive , Lake Street, and Richard J. Daley Center. In the final car chase scene, the production actually dropped a Ford Pinto , representing that which was driven by the 'Illinois Nazis', from a helicopter at an altitude of about 1, feet—and had to gain a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration to do it.

The Lake Freeway North was a planned but not completed six-lane freeway, and I contained an unfinished ramp off which the Nazis drove.

Bank Center. The Palace Hotel Ballroom, where the band performs their climactic concert, was at the time of filming a country club, but later became the South Shore Cultural Center , named after the Chicago neighborhood where it is located.

The interior concert scenes were filmed in the Hollywood Palladium. The filming in downtown Chicago was conducted on Sundays during the summer of , and much of downtown was cordoned off from the public.

The film used 13 different cars bought at auction from the California Highway Patrol to depict the retired Mount Prospect, Illinois Dodge Monaco patrol car.

The vehicles were outfitted by the studio to do particular driving chores; some were customized for speed and others for jumps, depending on the scene.

For the scene when the Blues Brothers finally arrive at the Richard J. Daley Center, a mechanic took several months to rig the car to fall apart.

Landis' difficulties continued even after principal photography was completed. The first cut of The Blues Brothers lasted two and a half hours, with an intermission.

After one early screening, Wasserman demanded it be shortened, and 20 minutes were cut. Prospects for a successful release did not look good.

Aykroyd and Belushi had left SNL at the end of the previous season , reducing their bankability. Belushi's fame had taken a further hit after the critical failure of Spielberg's film at the end of the year.

One day after the editing was done, Wasserman invited Landis up to his office to speak with Ted Mann , head of the Mann Theatres chain, which dominated film exhibition in the Western United States.

He told Landis that he would not book the film at any theaters in predominantly white neighborhoods, such as Westwood. Not only did Mann not want black patrons going there to see the film, he surmised that white viewers were unlikely to see a film featuring older black musical stars.

The Blues Brothers opened on June 20, , with a release in theaters. Over the years, it has retained a following through television and home video.

It ranks second, between Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2 , among films adapted from Saturday Night Live sketches.

The Blues Brothers received mostly positive reviews from critics. The site's critical consensus reads: 'Too over the top for its own good, but ultimately rescued by the cast's charm, director John Landis' grace, and several soul-stirring musical numbers.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave The Blues Brothers three out of four stars, praising it for its energetic musical numbers and 'incredible' car chases.

Ebert further noted that 'Belushi and Aykroyd come over as hard-boiled city guys, total cynics with a world-view of sublime simplicity, and that all fits perfectly with the movie's other parts.

There's even room, in the midst of the carnage and mayhem, for a surprising amount of grace, humor, and whimsy. Janet Maslin of The New York Times criticized The Blues Brothers for shortchanging viewers on more details about Jake and Elwood's affinity for African-American culture.

She also took director Landis to task for 'distracting editing', mentioning the Soul Food diner scene in which the head of saxophonist Marini is out of shot as he dances on the counter.

Kim Newman, writing for Empire in , considered The Blues Brothers to be 'an amalgam of urban sleaze, automobile crunch and blackheart rhythm and blues' with 'better music than any film had had for many years'.

He noted that Belushi and Aykroyd pack in their heroes: 'Aretha storming through "Think", Cab Calloway cruising through "Minnie the Moocher", John Lee Hooker boogying through "Boom Boom" and Ray Charles on electric piano, not to mention the hottest band'" He observed that 'the picture had revived the careers of virtually all the musicians that appeared in it' and concluded that 'it still sounds great and looks as good as ever through Ray Bans'.

On the 30th Anniversary of the film's release, L'Osservatore Romano [34] the daily newspaper of Vatican City State wrote that the film is filled with positive symbolism and moral references that can be related to Catholicism.

They went further, stating, The Blues Brothers 'is a memorable film, and, judging by the facts, a Catholic one.

The Blues Brothers has become a staple of late-night cinema, even slowly morphing into an audience-participation show in its regular screenings at the Valhalla Cinema , in Melbourne , Australia.

The fans act as the members of the crowd during the performance of " Ghost Riders in the Sky ". In August , a 25th Anniversary celebration for The Blues Brothers was held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

It featured a press conference, a panel discussion where Aykroyd joined by satellite, and a screening of the original theatrical version of the film.

The panel discussion was broadcast direct to many other cinemas around the country. The popularity of The Blues Brothers has also spread overseas; it was an inspiration for Japanese companies Studio Hibari and Aniplex , which led to the creation of the manga and anime franchise Nerima Daikon Brothers , which contain heavy references to the film.

When The Blues Brothers was first screened for a preview audience, a producer demanded that director Landis cut 25 minutes from the film.

The film was first released on VHS and Betamax by MCA Videocassette Inc. It was also released in a two-pack VHS box set with Animal House.

The original length of The Blues Brothers was restored to minutes for the 'Collector's Edition' DVD and a Special Edition VHS and Laserdisc release in The DVD and Laserdisc versions included a minute documentary, The Stories Behind the Making of The Blues Brothers.

Produced and directed by JM Kenny who also produced the Collector's Edition DVD of Animal House that same year , it included interviews with Landis, Aykroyd, members of The Blues Brothers Band, producer Robert K.

Weiss, editor George Folsey Jr. It also included production photographs, the theatrical trailer, production notes, and cast and filmmaker bios.

In , the band released their debut album, Briefcase Full of Blues , and opened for the Grateful Dead at the closing of Winterland Arena in San Francisco.

They gained further notoriety after spawning a Hollywood comedy film in , The Blues Brothers. After Belushi's death in , the Blues Brothers continued to perform with a rotation of guest singers and other band members.

The band reformed in for a world tour and again in for a sequel film, Blues Brothers The genesis of the Blues Brothers was a January 17, , Saturday Night Live sketch.

In it, " Howard Shore and his All-Bee Band" play the Slim Harpo song " I'm a King Bee ", with Belushi singing and Aykroyd playing harmonica , dressed in the bee costumes they wore for " The Killer Bees " sketches.

Following tapings of SNL , it was popular among cast members and the weekly hosts to attend Aykroyd's Holland Tunnel Blues bar, which he had rented not long after joining the cast.

Aykroyd and Belushi filled a jukebox with songs from Sam and Dave , punk band The Viletones and others. Belushi bought an amplifier and they kept some musical instruments there for anyone who wanted to jam.

It was at the bar that Aykroyd and Ron Gwynne wrote and developed the story which Aykroyd turned into the draft screenplay for the Blues Brothers movie, better known as the "tome," because it contained so many pages.

It was also at the bar that Aykroyd introduced Belushi to the blues. An interest soon became a fascination, and it was not long before the two began singing with local blues bands.

Jokingly, SNL band leader Howard Shore suggested they call themselves "The Blues Brothers". In an April interview he gave to the Chicago Sun-Times , Aykroyd said the Blues Brothers act borrowed from Sam and Dave and others; the Sun-Times quoted him as explaining: "Well, obviously, the duo thing and the dancing, but the hats came from John Lee Hooker.

The suits came from the concept that when you were a jazz player in the '40s, '50s '60s, to look straight, you had to wear a suit. The band was modeled in part on Aykroyd's experience with the Downchild Blues Band one of the first professional blues bands in Canada, with whom Aykroyd played on occasion.

As Aykroyd described it:. So I grew up in Ottawa , in this capital city. My parents used to work for the government, and I went to elementary school, high school, and the university in the city.

And there was a place on Sussex Drive Sussex Drive is where the Prime Minister's house is, right below Parliament Hill , and there was a little club there called Le Hibou, which in French means 'the owl.

I was going to Le Hibou and hearing James Cotton , Otis Spann , Pinetop Perkins , and Muddy Waters. I actually jammed behind Muddy Waters.

Leary left the drum kit one night, and Muddy said 'anybody out there play drums? I don't have a drummer. He said 'keep that beat going, you make Muddy feel good.

Many, many times I saw Howlin' Wolf. And of course Buddy Guy , Buddy Guy and Junior Wells , Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

So I was exposed to all of these players, playing there as part of this scene to service the academic community in Ottawa, a very well-educated community.

Had I lived in a different town I don't think that this would have happened, because it was just the confluence of educated government workers, and then also all the colleges in the area, Ottawa University , Carleton, and all the schools—these people were interested in blues culture.

The Toronto -based Downchild Blues Band, co-founded in by two brothers, Donnie and Richard "Hock" Walsh , served as an inspiration for the two Blues Brothers characters.

Aykroyd modeled Elwood Blues in part on Donnie Walsh, a harmonica player and guitarist, while Belushi's Jake Blues character was modeled after Hock Walsh, Downchild's lead singer.

In their first album, Briefcase Full of Blues , Aykroyd and Belushi featured three well-known Downchild songs closely associated with Hock Walsh's vocal style: "I've Got Everything I Need Almost ", written by Donnie Walsh, "Shotgun Blues", co-written by Donnie and Hock Walsh, and "Flip, Flop and Fly", co-written and originally popularized by Big Joe Turner.

Belushi's budding interest in the blues solidified in October when he was in Eugene, Oregon , filming National Lampoon's Animal House.

After the show, Belushi and Salgado talked about the blues for hours. Belushi found Salgado's enthusiasm infectious. In an interview at the time with the Eugene Register-Guard , he said:.

I was growing sick of rock and roll , it was starting to bore me I hadn't heard much blues before. It felt good. In an interview with Crawdaddy he added:.

I couldn't stop playing the stuff! I bought hundreds of records and singles I walked around playing that shit all the time. And then I knew Danny had played the harp in Canada, and I always could sing, so we created the Blues Brothers.

Salgado lent him some albums by Floyd Dixon , Charles Brown , Johnny "Guitar" Watson , and others. Belushi was hooked. Quotes [ first lines ] Prison Guard 1 : Yeah, the Assistant Warden wants this one out of the block early.

Wants to get it over with fast. Prison Guard 2 : Okay, let's do it. Prison Guard 2 : Wake up. Let's go, it's time. Crazy Credits During the cast roll call during the closing "Jailhouse Rock" number, 'John Belushi' is credited as Joliet Jake and Dan Aykroyd is simply credited as Elwood.

Alternate Versions Similar to Animal House and American Werewolf in London, the 5. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Does Curtis ever explain to the band that they need to perform to save the orphanage the Jake and Elwood grew up in?

Q: How the heck many cars were trashed during the filming of this movie? Q: Is it true that Jake and Elwood are not related? Edit Details Official Sites: Official Facebook.

Country: USA. Language: English. Filming Locations: S. Runtime: min min extended. Sound Mix: 4-Track Stereo magnetic prints Mono optical prints DTS DTS: X.

Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Prison Guard. Corrections Officer. Sister Mary Stigmata.

Donald 'Duck' Dunn as Donald 'Duck' Dunn. Reverend Cleophus James. Choir Soloist. Im Film wird oft der Name von Richard J. Daley , des früheren Bürgermeisters von Chicago, genannt.

Dies ist darauf zurückzuführen, dass er in der Stadt ein Verbot für Dreharbeiten erlassen hatte.

Die nötigen Genehmigungen wurden dann in der Amtszeit von Jane Byrne allesamt erteilt. Sieben davon wurden während der Dreharbeiten zerstört.

Bei der Verfolgungsjagd im Einkaufszentrum hat Regisseur John Landis einen Cameo-Auftritt. Er spielt einen der beiden Polizisten im zweiten Streifenwagen, der am Schluss der Szene auf dem Autodach landet.

Die Gebäude der Maxwell Street , in deren lebhafter Szenerie John Lee Hooker zu sehen ist, wurden inzwischen weitgehend abgerissen, um mehr Raum für den Ausbau der University of Chicago zu schaffen.

Für die Dreharbeiten der Szene, in der das Auto der Nazis Ford Pinto vom Himmel fällt, musste eine Sondergenehmigung der Bundesluftfahrtbehörde eingeholt werden.

Diese Demonstration wird im Film persifliert. Bevor die Szene gedreht wurde, in der John Belushi die Sonnenbrille abnimmt, durfte er auf Anweisung des Produzenten sechs Tage lang weder rauchen noch Alkohol zu sich oder Drogen einnehmen, damit ihm keine Suchtanzeichen anzusehen sind.

Belushi soll dies trotz seiner Sucht eingehalten haben. Während nahezu alle Musikaufnahmen im Film als Playback eingespielt wurden, gelang dies bei James Brown und John Lee Hooker nicht.

Es stellte sich rasch heraus, dass Brown ein Lied nicht zweimal auf die gleiche Art singen konnte, und Hooker bestand auf einer Live-Aufnahme.

So musste Browns Gesang live zum Bild aufgenommen werden; die Musik und die Chorstimmen kamen vom Band. Die einzige Nummer, die komplett live eingespielt wurde, war die mit John Lee Hooker Boom Boom.

Die DVD-Version enthält 12 Minuten englischsprachiges Bonusmaterial; dieser Teil war aus der Kinofassung herausgeschnitten worden.

In der DVD -Langfassung des Films sind einige zusätzliche Szenen zu sehen. Zum Beispiel erfährt man hier, warum das Bluesmobile magische Kräfte besitzt es parkt nachts in einem Transformatorraum — diese Erklärung fehlt in der Kinofassung.

Veröffentlicht in deutsche filme stream.

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